If Marketing is Failing you, Consider this.

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The number one challenge facing Experts, Professionals and Business Owners with a marketing department of one?

Finding a new business. Why is it so hard? Why do our marketing attempts often fail us?

Here are 5 potential, yet highly probably reasons why your marketing is being more nightmare, less fairy tale.


Ever notice that you’re absolutely super hero level genius when it comes to advising, facilitating or assisting another with their business problem but when it comes to doing the same for yourself you spin in circles and can’t tell top from bottom?

Yeah. That.

We’re not meant to do it alone. Your physiology doesn’t permit you to see yourself the way the rest of the world does. And seeing the bigger picture in context is critical to us being able to create clarity, identify direction and feel confident taking action.


This one is fun. Logically we know that being everything to everyone is professional suicide.

Emotionally we just. Can’t. Do. It. We freak out when we hear the words focus on a market. It’s not like we’re saying the business can’t serve the masses. We’re just saying marketing budgets shouldn’t serve the masses.


New business isn’t the only thing on your to do list. It’s about number 15 or so. The ones above like banking, invoicing, fulfilling orders and training the new person are equally important if not more so.

So what does one do when you have less day and more stuff to complete?


Fulfil the orders. Chase new orders.

Two very different hats.

Two very different types of mind sets, skill sets and energy needed to do each of these really well.

For most of us, we cannot simply oscillate between the two sets of activities. Well, not in a way that moves the business forward. We tend to need to book time in and set time aside for business development activities, but once we have the time booked, then what?

  1. EXPERT!

You are really great at what you do, an expert in your field, however you’re probably not a qualified, seasoned marketer or business developer who intimately knows the science, formulas, strategies, and options available to tease out that are a shoe in for getting your sales funnel in full momentum in less than 16 weeks.

No? Didn’t think so.

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