You’re not meant to do it alone FFS!

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That only took me 39 years to figure out. Bloody hell. What a cluster I swam in for way longer than I care to admit.

On this side of it, I’m looking back with a perspective that I reckon would have added at least 2 zeros to my income and allowed me to side step degrees of stress that sent me to bed with talks of chemo for 11-months back in 2014, bad hires, bad fires, bad clients, bad strategy. Oh my, I could go on and on and on. 

Turns out, I’m not alone in my strangely bizarre thinking.

Loads of us are swimming in unnecessary clusters. And whilst I perceive women are far better at creating clusters, men are for sure in this (imaginary self-made) boat too. 

But why? 

Personally? I’m blaming our own blindspots and incomplete perceptions with the primary contributors being;

group think

and people like you and me talking smack about our peers who aren’t quite doing it the way we think they should.  

Heh! Thats one hell of a case of pot. kettle. black if ever there was one.  

I reckon we somehow let ourselves believe rubbish like: 

1. We’re not good enough after we’ve taken a knock or in some cases, a knock-out.

2. If I can’t do it for me, then how the heck can I do for them? 

3. I am a (enter negative attribute here) for not shifting this (enter pickle here). 

4. I must be a chump if I am doing or not doing X. 

5. I’m a fraud. 

6. I’m special… success and luck skipped over me to dance with them. 

7. Admitting I need help is public failure and I will die by other people’s opinions of me. 

I could go on.. but I don’t have to. You get it.  

We confuse who we be with what we do and that’s where it all goes pear shaped. 

Truth is, it’s impossible to do this alone.

Even our physiology prevents us from seeing our true selves… we must have a mirror to see us never mind our blindspots and even then it’s not a true image – it’s inverted and flipped reverse. And let’s not talk about our own coloured lenses we’re sporting at that moment. Hah! 

We can easily observe others and in ways they can’t observe themselves… and we’ve been around the block a few times, we’re bloody smart and experienced and masters at enabling that person to shift up quantums never mind a level. So of course we do. 

Hmmm. Don’t suppose you ever stopped to think why the eff that person isn’t crawling under a rock when you give them some support/advice/help?  HAH! Because they know that success is a group effort.  

I could use some help fo shizzle. I reckon you could too.  

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If you reckon you can help me…  I’m all ears. 

Much respect, 

– Shannon