3 Phases and 4 S.T.E.P.s to Building a Personal Brand.

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There are many paths to Rome.
We have one way of getting there; not right for all, but the one’s it is right for, it’s golden.

We’ve been doing this for 100 odd years now and in that time we’ve been able to refine a process that you may find helpful on your own journey.

If you’re not quite sure of the value or the ROI you can get from investing in a Personal Brand, then check out this summary on the ROI of investing in your Personal Brand.


Each of the 3 phases noted above has its own version of a staircase to climb in order to achieve a result. We will zoom in on the staircase required for the Manufacturing phase of your Personal Brand using Thought Leadership activity.

The staircase literally uses a S.T.E.P. Methodology.


  1. Mastery + Service // Described as a mission on a specific trajectory going to a destination.
    This is like a dance between your area of mastery and the audience you want to serve. <90minutes.
  2. Your Market // Audience, Platforms, Network
    Who are you here to serve? What platforms can you leverage, and who do you want to collaborate with?
  3. Your Material // Your Mantra
    The problems you solve. The approach you use. The process you discovered. The years of experience curated.


  1. Your Personal Brand identity.
  2. YOURNAME.com – a domain is your online address. You will need one. That domain needs energy so it goes from abandoned building to lights on, doors open status. Hosting does just that. Lights on, doors open is good… but still an empty building. A website changes the empty office to a space that can provide a 5-sense experience.
  3. Social Platforms – choose the best x2 for you. They are a lot of work – You can have all 50… perhaps have the 48 as a brass plate that invites visitors to click a link to go to either one of your selected two platforms that you keep active.
  4. The best possible P.O.V you have right now, on your area of mastery <10 pages (to begin with)
  • Define the problem(s)
  • Define the Solution(s)
  • Introduce your approach
  • Pre-start / Start / During / Post/ Transform / rinse / repeat
  • What are the Phases? Building blocks inside each phase?
  • Expected outcomes, Good to know, Lessons learned
  • Pitfalls will likely look like this
  1. Content! This material for your content is leveraged from your POV as described in point 4. That content then moves across your; online home, social platforms and industry friends. Content can come in many forms, including:

Written: Blog Post, Article, ebook, published book
Visual: Imagery, Pictoral, Designed
Video: solo, panel, interview
Audio: solo, panel, interview, audio book,
Live: Public Speaking, Keynotes, Interviews.

A Mini Viable Campaign that sees x6 pieces of micro content moving across your online home, social and industry friends.

Let’s be honest. This phase is equally challenging as
it is rewarding.

Results, innovated