How to Recruit a Marketing Department of One for your B2B Business

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Who is this guide for?

The B2B Tech small business with a marketing department consisting of the CEO or 2 to 3 non-marketing employees.
Business owners without a marketing department. Typically up to 50 employees, and in most cases, the marketing is handled by you, or split over 2 to 3 non-marketing employees.
Are you looking to hire?

What is an Marketing Department of One?

An MDOO is typically a junior marketing person who is excellent at executing. Under the right guidance, will excel and lift a massive burden from the CEO by handling day to day marketing tasks.
What are the phases of the programme?

The three-phase system towards building your MDOO include:

Phase 1: Find
Step 2: Hire
Stage 3: Onboard


This phase deals with the following six stages:
Things to consider before hiring
DISC – Personality traits
Job Description
Linkedin Ads
Indeed Ads
Things to consider before hiring:
When searching for your marketing hire, it is essential to have clarity on what you wish to achieve with them in the business. Without transparency, we lose focus on the right course of action and cripple ourselves when it comes time to take action.

Checklist of things to consider includes:
What financial results does the business wish to gain from this hire?
Where will this hire fit in the ecosystem of the company?
What skills will the candidate need to have?
What will their primary responsibilities in the company be?
Understanding the answers to these questions will help you craft a relevant job description later on that will speak directly to your ideal hire, and will give you a lens to use during the recruitment process.

Is it the right time to hire a MDOO?

During this process, it is also worth considering whether it is the right time/space to hire. You want your MDOO to join right about the time the execution kicks off. This would be the time that all of the heavy liftings around strategy, market research, value propositions, and sales funnels are in action, and your Minimum Viable Campaign (MVC) is close to going live.
MDOO’s are ideally placed to execute your MVC.

The profile of a great MDOO, Walks like, talks like, looks like:
You want an MDOO perfectly placed for; your culture, your business and the business owner’s personality, if only to ensure the best possible outcomes inside the least amount of time.

This person is less of a nine-to-fiver and more of an innovator. Attitude, attitude, an attitude that wraps around their fascination and love for (learning) marketing. Critical thinking skills trump marketing skills. Younger, junior, means less expense; so great at execution, benefits a whole lot from strategic counsel and laid out actions to take.


DISC – Personality traits
Apart from knowing what value you want marketing hire to bring ability-wise, knowing their personality type holds significant importance. DISC is a behaviour assessment resource that gives insight into people’s personality traits based on the way they respond to situational questions.

The four traits it highlights are Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, and Conscientiousness.

People are generally heavily concentrated in one trait; however, some may possess two. Below is a quick guide on the four extremes.

DISC Assessment Guide for your Marketing Hire


Direct, Domineering, Decisive and Doer

Interactive, Inspirational, Impulsive and Interesting

Sincere, Stable, Supportive and Sensitive


Careful, Calculating, Cautious and Condescending

Understanding what personality suits the job you have makes it easier to find the person you want. These personality traits will come up again throughout this whole process.
Job Description
You now know what you want the business to gain from this hire, you have identified the personality trait of the person that can help the company achieve your goal. Now it’s time to distinguish a specific job description that will speak directly to your ideal hire.


A hire with 2-3 years of B2b marketing experience is ideal, the b2b marketing industry is dynamic, and from other perspectives may be considered unstable. Not everyone thrives in this space! The candidate will possess skills of being able to deal with high-pressure environments and situations.


The typical salary for a marketing junior with 0-2 years experience is between €24,000 – €29,000. This will depend on:
The individual’s experience
The financial health of the company
The scope of the job description
Rollouts: Linkedin and Indeed ads
The previous steps in the FIND phase all come together here as you prepare your job ad.

You know what you want to gain from the MDOO.
You have decided on what personality you wish the candidate to match.
After successfully figuring out the description of whom you want, you will have a realistic idea of what to include in your job description. Based on what your job description includes, you can now decide on a salary that compensates for the work to be done.

With this knowledge, you are going to craft a job ad that speaks directly to your ideal hire. The process of creating your job description will intentionally decide who will fit the bill, and those who do not meet your criteria will resist the application. The job description will act as a filter for the candidates before it goes any further in the process; this leads us to phase 2.


Interview process
Your long list of applicants has now whittled down in size. It’s time for the real fun to start. By creating a rigorous interview process will make it easier for you to find your ideal hire.

The MDOO interview process consists of three rounds:

Round 1: CV + Cover letter assessment
Round 2: Phone/Video call including a Marketing aptitude test
Series 3: In-person interview

Round 1: CV + Cover letter assessment
It’s now a few weeks after you have posted the job ads, and you have received a large number of responses. A filtering process is an ordinary course of action to weed out the candidates who aren’t suitable for the job from the get-go.

Assessment of their CV’s, Cover letters and their online professional profiles (Linkedin) will allow us to figure out their personality traits and experience.

Round 2: Phone/video call including a Marketing aptitude test
After filtering through candidates, you have a list of potential employees that look good on paper. Now it is time to judge whether they still hold firm on the spot. This call will test for two things:
Marketing Knowledge (Solving a business problem)
Behaviour and personality (through situational questions and open conversation)
Next, If a candidate doesn’t impress in this stage, then they will be informed soon after and won’t progress to the final round.

Round 3: In-person interview
If a candidate has shown evidence of marketing knowledge and possesses the right behavioural traits for the job, then they will be invited to a third and final round.


The first 90 days
Everything you need to know about the hire will reveal here.
There are 3 key areas:
Best Practices and essential operational procedures
Understanding the company’s vision
Linking the hire’s goals to the company’s vision
Best practices and critical operational procedures
For your MDOO to hit the ground running, they will need to know the best practices of their job and critical operational processes. You can do this informing them it will make their lives easier and ease the pain of training, due to fewer mistakes on their part.

So, Plan. Build. Execute High
Value Actions. Report.

When you have defined your plan and are building the pieces of those plans to produce.
The Minimum Viable Campaign (MVC), getting crystal clear on the 3 to 4 highest valued
actions to be done daily over the next 12-weeks is the difference between adding immediate value to your business and being a 3k/month anchor to the company.

Lonely MDOO? Inert MDOO.

Being an MDOO reporting directly to the CEO has both benefits and drawbacks, as well as being the only marketing person in a company without a support system tends to lead to lower-valued actions getting the most attention, and this results in frustrated management teams. Eventually, degrees of inertia before the MDOO is kicked out with the belief that marketing is a waste of space.

Linking the hire’s goals to the company’s vision
The hiring company must also find out values of hire, their goals for themselves, in addition to it being essential to finding a place that the hire fits in the long-term vision for the business. The result of this is that it makes the new hire feel valued in the company; thus, they are more likely to work from an inspired place.

Final Points

An MDOO can be useful to your company or project, keeping in mind to be thorough with your hiring process.
Find, Hire, Onboard is a 3 step process for finding the perfect candidate.
Finding the right person for the job can be difficult without an executed plan, filtering process and clear judgement on the right candidate.
Not sure what your commercial goals are, and how an MDOO can help your business? A Free 90-minute workshop with Teach a Brand to Fish can help with that.