ZENDESK COMPARISON: 10 Other Best Customer Support Softwares

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Customer Support Software is a tool that helps businesses organize and track the queries and concerns of customers in a single platform. This software also can store information and collate it for future use (i.e. to generate new FAQs for self-help knowledge centres). The data collected can be used by CRM and sales to drive new campaigns in the future. 


Zendesk is one of the pioneers and is the best-known customer support & ticketing systems. This is a software developed for all types and sizes of businesses, and it is available internationally due to its optimization for international support teams. Zendesk is flexible and adjusts to any business accordingly. It also offers multiple add-on modules (Phone support, Chat Support, etc.), which makes it a top-notch customer support system. Zendesk has an open API infrastructure that allows it to connect to any network or application. 

Zendesk is easy to deploy, allows users to run it as soon as it’s fully installed. It offers branding and customization where users can tailor operations for the company. Zendesk also prides itself on its report and analysis where you can access the performance of every agent/team. 

Price per agent monthly (annually): $5 (basic plan) to $199 (elite program)



Freshdesk is considered to be one of the best customer support software tools in 2018. Just like Zendesk, Freshdesk created to tailor itself for all types and sizes of businesses from multiple industries (clients include DHL, Harvard, Pearson). Freshdesk’s speciality is in email and ticket support and can automate support operations/processes on various channels. It also has exceptional analytics and report available to customize. 

Freshdesk can track posts by customers about the client’s product/service in social media and can track issues that can escalate. The software also can collect and store customer queries into a database for instant suggestions for the agents. It also has use as a self-service portal where customers can look for answers without the help of an agent. Another function that makes Freshdesk one of the best softwares is its ability to track the time agents spend on each customer, to help further improve processes. 

Freshdesk is also affordable to both SMBs and large enterprises as it offers a FREE version capable of email support to an unlimited number of agents. 

Price per agent monthly (annually): $15 to $109. Also has a FREE version. 

Salesforce Essentials

Salesforce Essentials (SE) differs a bit from regular customer support software as it allows users to use their CRM software to help them speed up sales processes without the need to invest in two different software. Salesforce allows the users to have an overall view of customers and the business, while the customer support software automates most of the customer support and service functions to increase efficiency and productivity. 

SE is known to provide multi-channel support, whether customers decide to reach out via email, phone, chat or social media. All daily repetitive tasks can also be automated. 

Price per agent monthly (annually): $25 to $300


LiveAgent is similar to Freshdesk, and it’s committed to small and developing businesses. This system has ticket, live-chat support, phone support, social media (Facebook and Twitter) support and a portal for 24/7 knowledge sharing. The social channel management monitors activity and trends. Agents will also have access to LiveAgent’s Android and iOS apps so that they may have access anywhere in the world. 

LiveAgent is known for its universal inbox, stored and managed here is tickets and responses. Repetitive questions submitted by customers are stored and get converted into an FAQ. 

Price per agent monthly (annually): $9 to $39




Desk.com is another product of Salesforce that target SMEs and large enterprises. Formerly known as Assistly, it’s known to be a fast and easy way to deliver customer service. All conversations with customers collated into one channel where agents and collaborate, prioritize and manage the responses via chat, email phone and social media. It’s integrated with social media as well. 

Salesforce will soon retire Desk.com and replace with another software. 

Price per agent monthly (annually): $25 to $150


Zoho Desk

Zoho Desk is a popular support desk system that has multiple integrated functions. To start, Zoho Desk provides support on several different channels and uses this data to identify patterns and help boost productivity of the agents’ performance. Task Automation has also integrated so that all tasks across all channels would unify. Zoho Desk has a social support function so that customers can send in questions via Facebook and Twitter. 

If you’re using other Zoho products, Zoho Desk also can integrate seamlessly, making data migration easy and operations more efficient. 

Price per agent monthly (annually): $12 to $25. Also comes with a FREE version up to 3 agents. 


TeamSupport is a great option for companies that focus on B2B more than B2C and boasts some of the best collaboration features among other software. It is known to cut a fair amount of customer support costs and operates on reliable customer information. Similarly to Zendesk, this also allows for seamless integration to CRM and email service providers and provides one of the best and advanced analytical suites in the industry. 

The collaboration between agents using this software is streamlined, where all engagements can be seen in one place rather than compare tickets; allowing agents to assist each other if needed. 

Price per agent monthly (annually): $60 to $70

ConnectWise Control

This software focuses more on remote support, allowing agents to control the devices of their clients regardless of location. It’s known to be fast and reliable and offers assistance and support for new teams and users. It has recently undergone an upgrade where agents running on Mac and Linux now have a kit for remote execution of scripts and applications from the UI. Because of the remote function ConnectWise takes pride in, automated reconnection implemented for situations where the network conditions are unstable. 

Price per agent monthly (annually): request for quote.




Samanage is a support desk that focuses mainly on the IT industry. It integrates modern ITIL practices, incident management, and has constant asset monitoring and other essential features for large IT operations. SLAs are also included to help deliver support, track response time and set targets and alerts. Unlike other software, Samanage designed for full ITIL compliance. Samanage can also integrate with different business apps, even with Zendesk. 

Price per agent monthly (annually): $29 to $79

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